What you display in your home says an incredible amount about you. Today’s design trends tend to be focused on unique art, pre-framed pieces, and decorative wall hangings. However, the secret to stand-out walls is already hiding in your home. When working with clients, we encourage them to display their more personal items. These are the things that are typically packed away in attics and closets, following us from home to home. They’re too sentimental to part with but after a while most people are unsure what to do with these artifacts. That’s where the transformative power of framing comes in!

Take these beautiful watercolor paintings done by a client’s mother. Previously relegated to storage, we encouraged the client to trust the process of framing and utilize them in a recent kitchen renovation. With the simple addition of a white mat, and a unique patina on a beautiful wooden frame, these forgotten treasures were reclaimed.

Next time you embark on a Marie Kondo-inspired cleanout, consider what a simple matt and new frame could do for the family heirlooms, photos and memories that are too special to part with, but too special to keep hidden away. I think you’ll enjoy seeing your child’s preschool artwork day after day, much more than the generic wall decor you picked up on your last Target run (we still love you Target).