Rendering Reality

Among the many reasons to hire an interior designer, the technological abilities and resources we utilize to help achieve your design vision cannot be underestimated. When a client considers a major change such as a bold wallpaper, custom cabinetry or one-of-a-kind furnishings, the inability to visualize their new space can be a major roadblock in the design process. 

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It is the International Day of Happiness!  As it is also the Spring Equinox, we should be in good stead today.  If you are anything like me, you might need reminders for pretty much everything!  What better reminder than to “do what makes you happy!”  Whatever it might be - do more of it.   Here are some good signs that remind us to take our happiness to heart and to not let too many days pass us by without doing something that brings a smile and that ever wonderful human emotion of happiness. 


The snow has come again. With all its beauty, I do wish it had come sooner in the winter rather than in March when we want to taste and smell spring.  I am thinking of flowers and color. Before the white of snow this week, it was mud brown for weeks on end.  I had a photo shoot last week and the colors of the flowers were so bright and vibrant against the white backdrop of the snow outside.

The Egyptians and the Romans made stained glass and I myself used to make it! I loved scoring the glass and fitting the pieces together as well as the smell of smoldering the copper.  While definitely a fun and satisfying project it certainly needs a dedicated space what with all of the glass fragments.  Thankfully, my space is on Etsy!  These artists can give us flowers that will never fade or need watering. 


It is snowing today! My dog lies at my feet and my eyes are filled with softly falling snow - happiness for this Canadian girl. In between selecting light fixtures for a job in New Hope, I’ve done some searches for unique snowflakes and these three are each special in their own right. Happy snow day and happy shoveling!  


Oh Valentine’s Day - how bitter and sweet you can be. I never knew that the name might come from two men, both named Valentine, executed by the ancient Romans. A fitting story for those who find the day less than joyous. For those who celebrate the day of love, here are some beautiful pieces that are both hand made and made with a heart. Uncommongoods, in Brooklyn, New York, is one of my favorite sources for the unusual and the uncommon but still knowing there is quality and value in the selections. These little treasures can all be found at


Plants: potted, practical and perfect

No room can be considered complete until there are humans and plants in it!  Not only are they green and sculptural, adding color and life, but they also clean our air!  And they ask so little in return, a little water now and then.  At least that's my strategy - only placing plants that are low maintenance in the spaces we live in so we aren't adding any more stress than necessary. Here are three photos of plants at a job on Hamilton Street, all paired with original artwork.